12th Delhi Course
on Neurointervention
22th to 25th
March, 2017

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Delhi Course

Stroke is a major health burden globally. It is the third leading cause of death and the first leading cause of disability. In the recent past Neurointervention has significantly changed the outcome of this catastrophic illness. Neurointerventional procedures are becoming increasingly popular in the treatment of stroke & complex neurovascular problems. There is a deficiency of trained manpower in this field. The interventionists conventionally are either from Neurology, Neurosurgery or Neuroradiology. To keep pace with the latest developments . . .

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Dr. Shakir HUSAIN
MD, DM(Neurology), FINR(Switzerland)
Sr. Consultant, Interventional Neurology & Stroke
Max Institute of Neurosciences, New Delhi
Director, Stroke & Neurovascular Clinic
Professor, Department of Neurointervention, National Institute of Neurosciences, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Scientific Advisor, Universitäts und Rehabilitationskliniken Ulm (RKU), Ulm, Germany
Chairman, Stroke & Neurointervention Foundation (SNIF)

Dear colleagues and friends, I feel happy to invite you to participate in the 12th Delhi Course on Neurointervention to be held from 22th – 25th March 2017. This collaborative effort between Stroke & Neurointervention Foundation (SNIF) and the Department of Neuroradiology, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland is a part of the passionate commitment and . . .

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